Dining through the decades: 4th annual Chef’s Bash celebrates hospital foundation’s 60th anniversary

Dining through the decades: 4th annual Chef’s Bash celebrates hospital foundation’s 60th anniversary

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Take a trip back in time with the Community Howard Regional Health Foundation Chef’s Bash tomorrow.The fourth annual event will have a decade theme, to honor the foundation’s 60th anniversary. More than 20 local and talented home cooks will compete for the people’s choice award at the Elite Banquet and Conference Center.The Community Howard Regional Health Foundation began in 1958 and works to assist patients by providing medications, transportation, mammograms and other medical procedures.
Just last year, the foundation served 300 patients. The annual Chef’s Bash has become one of the largest fundraising events for the foundation, and has raised more than $75, 000 to benefit the patient’s assistance fund.Foundation Director Rhonda Eastman originally came up with the idea for Chef’s Bash after trying to think of a new event for Kokomo.“I have been in the nonprofit world for about 38 years and the biggest challenge in Kokomo is finding something new, ” she said in an earlier interview with the Tribune. “We really didn’t want to duplicate what anyone else was doing.”A lot of people enjoy cooking and the Chef’s Bash turned out to be a great way to showcase local culinary artists and their recipes, Eastman continued. Each ....

Everyone gets five voting tickets at the beginning of the evening to bestow to the chief of their choice.Several chefs have participated every year, but newcomers join all the time.
This year, home cooks include Chef’s Bash veteran Paul Wyman, Corina Aguirre, Bobby Adkinson, Amanda Blunt, Laura Brumbaugh, Mike Dunivan, Dr. Cliff Evans and Lauri Evans, Steve Eastman, Tammie and Rob Floyd, Brian Gallagher, Dan and Sue Giesecke, Greg Griswold, Joe and Debbie Hooper, Damon Johnson, Lauren Powell, Donna Shepherd, Jennifer Stewart, Jason Tedder, Debbie Ritz, Jeff Altmiller and Pam Carter. A VIP reserved table for 10 people is priced at $575. Single general admission tickets to the event are $50.The Chef’s Bash is sponsored by the First Bank of Bern, so that all the money that people donate that night can go directly towards the patient’s assistance fund.The serving of celebrity chef’s favorite recipes will begin at 6 p.m. .

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