Biggest Mistake Dieters Make? Not Enough Water – Healthline

Biggest Mistake Dieters Make? Not Enough Water – Healthline

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Experts say drinking water can relieve hunger pangs and help you lose weight along with a healthy diet.Share on PinterestExperts say you should make drinking water a habit during the day. Getty ImagesDiets come in all shapes and sizes.Some are complicated.A diet dependent on your blood type might seem overly complex compared to a diet, for example, that just requires you to cut out almost all carbs.On the other hand, an ultra-low-carb diet might seem incredibly convoluted compared to the grapefruit diet. That diet calls on you to eat grapefruit almost exclusively for a few days or weeks.However, all of these diets, regardless of their intricacy, are doomed to fail if you aren’t drinking enough water.That’s according to Dr. Thomas Chi, a urologist at the University of California San Francisco.Chi told Business Insider that the biggest mistake any dieter can make is focusing so much on their new eating plan that they neglect their water intake.“People who are on extreme diets, they tend to have higher levels of salt and less hydration, ” Chi said.These high salt levels may be particularly problematic for meat-rich diets. A lack of water, combined with an increased intake of meat, can lead to complications ....

“You should respond as soon as you can.”Chi’s point — that dehydration puts people at risk of sabotaging their healthy eating plans — is valid, according to research. People who don’t drink enough water can quickly become dehydrated.Thirst is easily interpreted as hunger. That pang can lead you to eat a snack, when really all you need is a sip of water.“Successful weight loss consists of a plan of action that accesses where you are, accesses where you want to be, and how you are going to get there, ” Sonpal says.Should water be a part of that plan of action, with just as much emphasis as the foods you eat?“Yes, it is an important part, not just of weight loss, but also of general good health, ” Sonpal says. Water alone will not be your weight-loss savior, just as any other element of a healthy lifestyle is not solely responsible for weight loss.
This includes exercise or healthy foods.A diet is dependent on a handful of key factors working together.“On its own, drinking large amounts of water will not be enough to bring about substantial weight loss, ” Sonpal says. .

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