Making and sustaining diet change – Nevada Appeal

Making and sustaining diet change – Nevada Appeal

Ultimate diets
Objectively speaking, a healthy diet is simple. We should consume a variety of produce, whole grains and lean sources of protein in adequate portions while balancing intake with physical activity. Many people I speak with understand these tenets and can identify discrepancies between their current and ideal diet. The problem, which is also the reason I am enamored with nutrition, is practical application. Translation of knowledge into practice requires experimentation with different strategies to find what personally works best. In the spirit of National Nutrition Month, the following are effective tips to positively and sustainably change your way of eating. Start small. .

To build the bridge toward healthier eating, you must lay the foundational bricks with great attention and care. Adopting too many big diet changes at once usually leads us to feel overwhelmed and more prone to give up. Conversely, setting fewer and more reasonable goals allows us to be intentional and focused. It might feel slow, but successful small changes yield better results over time than short-term overhauls. For example, permanently giving up one soda a week is better than giving up all soda for only a couple days. Be specific. .

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