The Brexit Diet – Men’s health UK

The Brexit Diet – Men’s health UK

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The most memorable thing I ever ate was a strawberry. Not so much for the fruit itself, but for where and when I ate it. It was 13 December 1994. I was a couple of months into my first journalism job, and one of my esoteric areas of interest, the politics of Northern Ireland, had unexpectedly proven useful when the UK government responded to an IRA ceasefire by announcing a major investment conference in Belfast. The best bit was that a Concorde was being chartered to entice foreign investors to go there. Somewhat improbably, this penniless Scouser found himself on the plane with a glass of Krug champagne, eating a fruit salad. “Strawberries, in December?” I remember thinking incredulously, as I looked down at the fruit on my fork. .

I savoured it, an icy summer kiss on a grey, drizzly morning. 40%: The amount of food we currently source from outside the UK In the next century, such diamonds became coal. Every supermarket now stocks strawberries all year. Likewise, salad, once a simple concoction of two or three ingredients served unenthusiastically in the summer months, now comes in a bewildering array of combinations, available on demand. The “avocado pear” ordered by James Bond as a baroque alternative to dessert in Ian Fleming’s 1953 novel Casino Royale is now a hipster breakfast staple. Once universally derided, British cuisine has evolved into a sophisticated pan-European one, enabled by our access to a greater variety of imported food. 7 Avocado Recipes to Smash Heart Disease Worries Yet that could soon change. .

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