Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Vibrant Asian Eating House’: A Preview – Eater London

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘Vibrant Asian Eating House’: A Preview – Eater London

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay is opening a restaurant in London for the first time since 2014.
This June, Lucky Cat, described — when first announced in February — as an “vibrant Asian eating house” will replace Maze, Ramsay and Jason Atherton’s 14-year-old small plate fine-dining hotspot, which announced £3.8 million losses last year. It is said to be inspired by the drinking dens of 1930s Tokyo.”Ahead of the restaurant’s opening, Ramsay and his head chef for the project, Ben Orpwood, a man who was referred to himself as a “tofu freak, ” hosted an intimate preview event in central London last night. The press release promised “a sensory journey” and a chance to “sample some of Lucky Cat’s standout cocktails, followed by a sharing concept dinner, featuring a selection from the chefs’ signature dishes with accompanying wine pairing.” It was nothing if not a real life Ramsay kitchen nightmare.The pop-up dinner took place in a futuristic-looking plain white event space called Ice Tank in Soho, which felt more seedy nightclub than Asian eating house. Or, perhaps, that is Ramsay’s vision of a vibrant (nee “authentic”) Asian eating house. The venue isn’t going to be Lucky Cat’s future home; it will replace Ramsay’s ....

It was probably for the best that the strange, cold blue lighting throughout and rooms so dark rooms meant that diners were barely able to see the food in front of them.Here’s what was seen, including some things which were eaten.MENUA welcome cocktail was a gin-based concoction with a giant shiso leaf stuck in for decoration, but made it very hard to drink; there was another whiskey based drinkCanapés: a mini wagyu pastrami burger with ‘asian’ chilli jam and otoro fatty tuna topped with caviar balanced on top of a delicately folded crispy seaweed boxFirst course — labelled as “raw” Hirasama kingfish sashimi with house soy, ginger oil, and nasturtiumSecond dish — labelled as “kitchen” for some reason; orkney scallop, yuzu, sweet corn hot sauce and finger lime and wasabi leavesRobata — English asparagus, smoked ponzu emulsionSmoked duck breast with plumb [sic] (note: it was spelt wrong like that on the menu) and nashi (Japanese pear)Pre-dessert — lemongrass, ginger and yoghurt sorbet, jaggery (cane sugar) syrupDessert — yum baba, coconut chantilly and roasted pineappleDigestif of ‘yuzucello’‘Lucky’ petit four — A half cut mango with chilli salt to finishRamsay said at the event, “Thank you all for coming to Lucky Cat. ....

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