Wedding Diet: Healthy Foods To Enjoy Before Your Big Day – Longevity LIVE

Wedding Diet: Healthy Foods To Enjoy Before Your Big Day – Longevity LIVE

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Pie Mulumba 2019-04-15 A wedding comes with a string of concerns – the venue, the dress, the guest list and, of course, the cake. As a result of the heightened stress levels during this transition, your health can often take a backseat and before you know it, your big day arrives and the only thing looking out of place is you. Heightened stress levels can be detrimental for both your health and skin. Luckily, the right foods won’t only ease these stress levels but they’ll also leave you with glowing skin for your big day. Healthy Pre-Wedding Day Foods Avocados A great source of healthy fats, the monounsaturated fats found in avocados can help to enhance your skin’s appearance on your wedding day. Not only do they hydrate the skin, but they supply more ceramides to it which then helps to keep it firm and supple. In addition to skin health, avocados can also ensure that you have healthy tresses on your big day. The oil found in them contains amino acids and proteins – both of which cater to the scalp and encourage strong, healthy hair growth. If you’re looking to naturally treat your hair a ....

These fats also help to nourish and strengthen the cell membrane, which then keeps the skin soft and hydrated. If you’re looking to manage your weight during your wedding planning, add flaxseeds to your morning oatmeal or smoothie shake. They can help with satiety as their fiber content helps to prevent one from overeating. Additionally, eating a few of these seeds on your wedding day can also help to ease anxiety and decrease stress levels (1). Lemons A cup of warm lemon water is exactly how every bride-to-be should start her day. If you’re worried about being bloated on your wedding day, lemon water helps to support digestion. In addition to supporting the digestive system, lemon water is also a natural diuretic, which means that it’ll help the body flush out liquids and other toxins. Lastly, the vitamin C found in lemons encourages a youthful appearance by stimulating the production of the skin-enriching protein that is collagen. Pumpkin seeds Rich in both magnesium and biotin, pumpkin seeds are set to maintain the health of your nails and ease your stress levels. Chipped nails are the last thing a blushing bride wants to deal with on her wedding day, yet ....

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